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Identification of targets for external growth


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Our approach


Target identification services for clients seeking acquisitions. We conduct a thorough analysis based on specific criteria to pinpoint potential acquisition targets, providing a comprehensive report for strategic decision-making.

Fuel your growth strategy with our Buy-Side Acquisition Target Identification. We streamline the acquisition process, providing comprehensive analyses and insights for informed decision-making.

Target audience

Utilize our tailored M&A services to drive sustainable growth and maximize business value.

Corporate acquirers seeking strategic growth

Established companies aiming to expand their market position and enhance their portfolio through strategic acquisitions. They actively seek valuable targets that align with their long-term growth objectives.

Private equity firms exploring investment opportunities


Private equity firms seeking to invest in and acquire promising businesses with high growth potential. They actively evaluate opportunities that offer attractive financial returns and value creation prospects.

Strategic investors entering new markets

Companies seeking to enter new markets or industries through acquisitions, expanding their business reach and diversifying their operations. They aim to identify and acquire businesses that align with their strategic plans for market expansion.

Why to outsource the process?

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Streamline your acquisition process

We streamline the acquisition process by conducting in-depth analyses, saving your team valuable time and resources while you focus on core operations.

Unlock strategic growth opportunities

Our target identification services open the door to strategic growth by identifying businesses that perfectly align with your acquisition criteria and long-term objectives.

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Empower informed decision

Our comprehensive reports provide deep insights that empower you to make informed decisions and confidently select acquisition targets that align with your strategic vision.

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Challenges we address


Identification of suitable targets

Time-consuming and resource-intensive to identify businesses that align with your acquisition criteria and strategic goals.


Our solution:

Target identification services to streamline the search for suitable acquisition targets leveraging industry expertise.


Market competition for targets


Intense competition for desirable acquisition targets in the market.

Our solution:

Leverage our network and expertise to identify exclusive opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the acquisition process.


Cultural and market understanding

Struggle with understanding diverse cultures and markets when exploring international acquisition targets.

Our solution:

Market analysis and cultural integration services to provide insights on the nuances of target markets and ensure successful integration.


Technology assessment

Challenging to assess the technology infrastructure of potential acquisition targets.

Our solution:

Tech startup valuation and negotiation support services to provide expertise in technology assessments and negotiations.


Due diligence complexities

Complex and time-consuming to conduct thorough due diligence on potential acquisition targets.

Our solution:

Due diligence support to ensure comprehensive analysis, risk assessments, and informed decision-making.


Integration risks

Challenges in integrating acquired businesses due to cultural alignment, talent retention, and operational integration.

Our solution:

Ongoing HR integration and talent strategy consulting to manage human aspects of M&A and ensure a smooth transition.


Negotiation challenges

Difficulty in negotiating favorable terms with sellers.

Our solution:

Expert negotiation support to secure optimal conditions and navigate complexities in deal structures.


Financing hurdles

Financial challenges in securing funding for acquisitions.

Our solution:

Assistance in exploring financing options, connecting with financial institutions, and optimizing financial structures.

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Cross-border due diligence challenges

Information gaps and challenges in conducting due diligence across international borders.

Our solution:

Expertise in cross-border due diligence to ensure comprehensive analysis, risk assessments, and compliance in diverse international markets.


Regulatory compliance challenges

Complexity in navigating regulatory compliance requirements in different jurisdictions.

Our solution:

Guidance on regulatory compliance to ensure adherence to legal requirements in relevant jurisdictions.


Sustainability alignment

Difficulty in aligning acquisition strategies with sustainability and environmental responsibility goals.

Our solution:

Sustainable M&A advisory program to align acquisition strategies with environmental and social responsibility goals.

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Client consultation

Conduct comprehensive consultations with the buying company to understand their acquisition criteria, strategic goals, and industry preferences.

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