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A strategic partner for external growth



Mission and vision


At Scale in Tech, we empower businesses to achieve their strategic growth goals through personalized M&A outsourcing and consulting services. Our team of experts guides investors and businesses through the complexities of acquisitions, optimizing value and fostering sustainable success. We are dedicated to becoming the trusted advisor for businesses seeking strategic partnerships and SME owners seeking to maximize their business value through sales or capital restructuring.

We envision a future where Scale in Tech is recognized as the premier M&A partner, providing businesses with tailored strategies and exceptional service that drive their success in an ever-changing market. We aspire to be the go-to destination for businesses seeking strategic acquisition opportunities, ensuring they achieve their acquisition goals through seamless and impactful transactions. Moreover, we aim to empower SME owners to optimize their business value, enabling them to navigate the complexities of sales or capital restructuring with confidence and expertise.



Navigating the intricacies of M&A can be a daunting task, often fraught with complexities and challenges. Businesses and investors often face hurdles in identifying suitable acquisition targets, accurately evaluating their worth, and securing favorable deals. On the contrary, SME owners frequently grapple with positioning their enterprises for sale or locating potential buyers who truly appreciate their unique value proposition.


Our solutions

Elevate your business trajectory with our custom-crafted M&A solutions, where expertise, strategic acquisition, and value maximization converge.


Our expertise, in-depth experience, and strong international network provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by companies and investors in the merger and acquisition (M&A) space. We offer personalized, high-quality services tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


For investors and companies seeking strategic acquisitions, we provide personalized services encompassing target identification, comprehensive due diligence, astute valuation analysis, expert negotiations, and seamless post-merger integration support.


SME owners seeking to optimize their business value through sales or pre-sales transactions gain unparalleled expertise from our team. We meticulously craft sales strategies, identify potential buyers, conduct comprehensive assessments, and facilitate seamless transitions, unlocking the true potential of your business for optimal outcomes.

Our added value

What sets us apart in the industry is our unwavering commitment to delivering personalized and tailored M&A solutions that go beyond the conventional approach.


Our team of seasoned analysts, backed by extensive industry experience and expertise, distinguishes us as leaders in the M&A landscape. We are dedicated to providing exceptional quality in every aspect of our services, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of support and guidance throughout the entire M&A journey.

In essence, The Company is a specialized M&A outsourcing and consulting firm that stands out for its commitment to personalized service, unwavering quality, extensive experience, and global reach. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their strategic acquisition goals and maximize the value of their businesses through sales or pre-sales transactions. With our comprehensive approach and boutique sensibility, we are the trusted partner that businesses and investors can rely on for their M&A needs.

Keys services

Harness the power of M&A to propel your business to new heights of success, unlocking untapped potential and maximizing your return on investment.

Accelerate growth through acquisitions

Whether you're seeking to expand your market reach, enhance your product portfolio, or gain access to new technologies, we'll help you identify the ideal acquisition targets to fuel your growth trajectory.

Plan a seamless business transition


Discover how our sell-side expertise can transform your business exit strategy, unlocking significant value and securing a prosperous future for your endeavors.

Determine the opportune time to sell and prepare accordingly

Uncover the right time to maximize your business's value and prepare for a seamless transition with our expert guidance.

Where we excel, our added value

Our successes

Ingénieur en robotique

Global Expansion Champions

Scaling engineering success


With strategic guidance and meticulous execution, we helped a leading engineering services provider achieve remarkable global expansion, propelling their business to new heights. 

Crafting lucrative exits

Optimizing business sales

We empower SME owners to achieve successful business exits, maximizing value and ensuring seamless transitions for all involved.

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Unlocking Eastern Europe's hidden gems

Connecting investors with lucrative acquisitions


We connect investors with untapped potential in Eastern Europe, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships and unlocking the region's vast investment opportunities.

Elevating tech start-ups to New Heights

Valuation and negotiation expertise


We empower tech start-ups with comprehensive valuation and negotiation support, propelling them towards success and market dominance.

Modern office
Tableau d'investissement

Empowering SMEs with robust capital structures

A path to sustainable growth


We guide SMEs through effective capital restructuring, enabling them to build resilient financial foundations and achieve sustainable growth.

Harnessing technology for business transformation

A path to competitive advantage

We guide businesses through comprehensive digital transformation advisory programs, helping them harness the power of technology to achieve innovation and enhance their competitive edge.

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